Evan Leaphart is living his dream: life as an entrepreneur in Miami.

He combines a passion for innovation with a commitment to solving real problems that help the community around him.

He’s the owner of a few business ventures, including South Beach Cleaning, a cleaning business that serves vacation rentals and residences in Miami Beach. Also, he founded Concierge Auto Transport, an auto transport brokerage company.

Evan also founded Kiddie Kredit, a mobile chore tracking app for children and parents.

His entrepreneurial dreams lead him to Miami, where he joined a growing community of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Evan grew his sales and management skills while working in direct sales and studying business books. Rather than learning new techniques to convince people to make purchases, these experiences taught him the value of offering people something they really needed and then helping them find it.

Evan’s commitment to useful enterprise was clearly on display at South Beach Cleaning. He started the business when he became frustrated at his difficulty in finding a great and timely cleaner for his own vacation rentals. Evan didn’t only assemble a few Miami area cleaners, he made sure to employ a high quality staff. In an industry where many cleaners are treated as invisible or disposable, South Beach Cleaning trained and employed cleaning professionals who take pride in doing their job well. This meant referrals, repeat clients, and increasing success.

While he currently enjoys success with South Beach Cleaning and Concierge Auto Transport, another successful venture, this time in the auto transport sector, Evan’s serial entrepreneurship hasn’t been without its stumbles. However, these experiences have taught him the value in sustainable growth and solid operations practices. He’s learned to focus on leading his teams to do excellent work, leading to sustainable and scalable success.

Evan’s commitment to helping people extends not only to business, but also to years spent mentoring youth in his spare time. He is deeply committed to mentoring, and passing on the lessons he’s learned about financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and turning dreams into reality.

When Evan looks to the future, he is energized to keep growing his current ventures and even to create new businesses. He’s particularly excited when he thinks about the opportunities presented by the city of Miami itself. "In Miami,” he says "you can create entirely new sectors that will provide tremendous economic opportunity and job growth.” With his passion for entrepreneurship, it’s certain that Evan has quite a few ideas on how to make that happen. 

“Entrepreneurs spend some of their lives doing what most people won’t so can spend the most of their lives doing what most people can’t.”
— — Still looking for this person who said this