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A serial entrepreneur developing digital solutions like Kiddie Kredit while making the world a better place to live in. Let's connect!

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A bit about me

It’s my main mission to teach the youth the importance of good financial habits and the importance of credit. It seems, we learn everything else in school, but financial literacy.

I combined a passion for innovation with a commitment to solving real problems that help the community around me. This lead me to develop Kiddie Kredit, a mobile chore tracking app for children and parents.

My commitment to helping people extends not only to business, but also to years spent mentoring youth in my spare time. I'm is deeply committed to mentoring, and passing on the lessons I've learned about financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and turning dreams into reality.

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A few ways
I can help

Here's a breakdown of a few of my current skill sets and how I can help you achieve your goals

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Startup Consulting

Looking for funding? Or maybe you need someone to help you scale your team from 5 people up to 20. I can help you scale your startup and so much more.


I help companies develop sales pipelines, train teams and execute campaigns.

Teen Mentorship

I've mentored dozens of teens around the nation, helping them grow, succeed and move forward in life.

My latest projects

Evan is a powerhouse. As skilled as he is, Evan makes a conscious effort to provide value wherever he can and it shows. He's truly Miami's rising star.

John D Saunders
5Four Digital Founder

“Sam is somebody you need as a steward of your brand. He’s able to craft compelling brand narratives that bring a company’s vision to life.”

Alexey Fleck
Dribbble Marketing Manager